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 Vizions Network, Inc. believes in a one hundred percent (100%) satisfaction guarantee for its Customers and Independent DISTRIBUTORs (IDs). All customers and IDs are bound to the Vizions Network, Inc. Refund Policy. If the purchasing party is not satisfied with the products, they must return the product to our Santa Ana, California corporate office within fourteen (14) days from the order date to receive a full refund, provided that the returned product both remains in new, unused condition with no physical or water damage and is in the original, unmarked, and undamaged packaging. Furthermore, all original components and accessories, including the manual and warranty information, must be included in original condition.

Prior to returning any product(s), Customers and IDs must contact support@vizionsnetwork.support to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Vizions Network, Inc. reserves the right to dispose of or return to the customer any merchandise that does not have a valid Return Authorization Number.  Returns must follow the return process below. We credit less S&H (shipping and handling) and a 25% restocking fee if the product is not in new, unused condition. The credit will be issued within two weeks of the product(s) arriving at our corporate office. Vizions Network, Inc. will only accept returns or exchanges of product purchased directly from Vizions Network, Inc.. In the event of a failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements, the Company reserves the right to reject a refund request. Shipping, handling and clearance sale fees, as well as all other subsequent fees, are nonrefundable.  Note, gift cards are non-refundable. If products are not returned in the format described and in the timeframe provided, the return will be considered void and will not be processed or accepted. 

*It is strongly recommended that all returns be sent by a guaranteed/insured method of shipping because credits will only be issued if the products are actually received in office.

The refund policy only pertains to product sales. It does not apply to the DISTRIBUTOR Membership Fee, VIP or Services.


You can return any product to the following locations at your own expense:

Address the package to:

Vizions Network, Inc.

12862 Garden Grove Blvd.
Suite C
Garden Grove, CA . 92843

No returns can be processed until the product is delivered to the address above and properly inspected.
All return requests shall be accompanied by the following documents:

• (i) A signed statement from the retail customer with details why the product has to be returned.
• (ii) A copy of the original sale receipt.
• (iii) A document with the RA# on it as well as the RA# written on the outside of the shipping box.
• (iiii) The contact details of the retail customer or the individual making the return, including name, address, telephone number and email

You should acknowledge that it may take up to fourteen (14) days for the Company to process your returns, exchanges or store credit vouchers.


When a refund is requested by an Independent DISTRIBUTOR (IDs), the bonuses and commissions attributable to the refunded service will be deducted from the ID who received bonuses or commissions on such sales. Your product order is a qualification to receive commissions. Returning your products will void your qualification and cause you to forfeit all commissions.  Additionally, if commissions have been paid on a returned order, those commissions will be reversed. Deductions will occur in the month in which the refund is given and continue every pay period thereafter until the commission is recovered. A Rep’s unsound request for refund may be considered as valid grounds for the Company’s decision to terminate. 


Pursuant to federal laws, a buyer shall have the right to cancel certain sales within three (3) business days from the date of such sale all the way to midnight of the third business day. An Independent Sales DISTRIBUTOR (ID) shall be obligated to duly inform Customers about this right to cancel.


Delivery of all purchase orders shall be subject to the availability of products and services. When available, products shall be shipped by USPS or similar services to reach the destination within seven (7) business days from the receipt of payment. Payments shall be mandatory at the time of purchase order and the Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) may receive the products at their own address or require the Company to directly ship the product to the designated address of the consumer. Vizions Network, Inc. is not responsible for address’ entered incorrectly upon ordering.


Vizions Network, Inc. shall collaborate with a shipping company that takes the responsibility for products that are damaged during the transit period from our corporate office to the shipping destination. When an ID receives products that appear to be damaged, he/she should mention the number of boxes that appear damaged and require the driver to acknowledge the damaged boxes in writing. An Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) should subsequently make an appointment with the shipping representatives to have the damaged goods inspected, and call Vizions Network, Inc. support to report the matter within twenty-four (24) hours.

When any product is lost in transit, or an Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) or Customer doesn’t receive the ordered product within a reasonable time frame, the ID/Customer should contact the Vizions Network, Inc. support team.


An Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) or customer shall NOT have the right to refuse delivery of a Vizions Network, Inc. shipment unless such refusal has been pre-approved by the Company ahead of time. In the event of a refused delivery, Vizions Network, Inc. is fully authorized to suspend the subscription of the respective ID until the matter is further resolved.


The subscription program is automatically renewed each month with a credit or debit card maintained on file with Vizions Network, Inc.. The Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) may make adjustments to their monthly subscription in the back office of the Vizions Network, Inc. website.


Independent DISTRIBUTORs (IDs) should be entitled to use any payment instrument made available on the website, but no purchase order should be processed until full payment is made to the Company. In the event where an ID pays more than what is required, such overpayments shall be credited to such ID’s account and automatically refunded along with his or her commission on the next payout.
No purchase order shall be effective unless it is accepted by the Company. The Company will not accept or process a purchase request if the cancellation of credit card is underway. In order to avoid such inconveniences and speed up a purchase order, an Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) is advised to link a valid and authorized credit card for the Company to charge. In the event an ID fails to discharge financial obligations under this agreement, an annual interest rate of eighteen (18%) percent or higher shall be charged on overdue amounts.


All products currently in stock should be shipped as usual, but the Company may receive purchase orders for out-of-stock items unless the product or services have been discontinued. Such purchase orders shall be listed as back order and shipped as soon as the products are available. However, if the product or services have been discontinued, an Independent DISTRIBUTOR (ID) shall be entitled to cancel their purchase order and have the amount credited to their account. When back ordered products and services are delivered, IDs shall receive their commission as applicable.

*If your V1-TV is not working correctly, please see the product warranty for full details. 
Product Warranty: 

Each V1-TV comes with a 1-year Manufacturers warranty.  This warranty covers only the following: 

- Materials used to make the actual V1-TV, or the remote that comes with the V1-TV) 
- The Android operating system 
- BTVi or V1-TV Platform 

If you experience any physical defects with your V1-TV, or technical issues with the Android operating system or V1-TV program, you must contact Technical Support at support@vizionsnetwork.support to complete the troubleshooting process. If the troubleshooting process does not fix the issue you are experiencing, you will need to send in your BTV for either repair or replacement*.  Repair or replacement will be determined once the V1-TV is received. 

You must only use apps (or APK files) and add-ons found in the App Market Store or Google Play.  If you use or download apps and/or add-ons from other sources, you do so at your own risk, and this voids the warranty.  We will not replace any Media Center that is damaged while downloading or using apps and/or add-ons downloaded from any other source.  We do not provide Technical Support for any apps or add-ons.  These are optional programs intended to enrich your user experience with the V1-TV.  If you have questions about or need Technical Assistance with any app and/or add-on you must contact the developer directly. 

Using the Factory Reset can damage the Operating System of your V1-TV.  For this reason the Factory Reset option should only be performed by Vizions Network, Inc. Technical Support or when instructed to do so by a Vizions Network, Inc. Technical Support Expert. If in case a user preforms a factory data reset without bring directed to do so by a Vizions Network, Inc. Technical Support Expert, the user will need to send in their V1-TV for repair and include a $25 service fee. We will attempt to repair any damage caused by the Factory Reset, but we will not replace any BTV2.0 that is damaged as a result of the unauthorized use of the Factory Reset.  
*It is strongly recommended that all returns be sent by a guaranteed/insured method of shipping because credits will ONLY be issued if the products are actually received in our office.

A Montana resident may cancel his or her DISTRIBUTOR Agreement within fifteen (15) days from the date of enrollment, and may return his or her inventory and/or sales aids for a full refund within such time period.